domingo, 26 de octubre de 2014

Discussion in class

According with the discussion that we did in class, now we have a clearer idea about our research. The principal features that we can do was about our research title which might be : The effects in the use of ICT tools to develop the digital competences in children of an elementary school. Also, another important features that we discuss was about the research question. We could realize that our research questions fit with we want to found. Talking about the kind of design in our investigation we pass from descriptive-exploratory desing with a qualitative component to experimental-design with a qualitative component. The decision of doing a experimental design is because we are going to use an existing program which will be used in order to observe the effects in children in an elementary school.
It is important to mention that we are going to give students a previous training so that students know how to use the computers. We are going to ask for the syllabus so we can realize what is the main purpose when they use the computers. Also, the level of knowledge that students have in using this kind of tool in the classroom. Are they familar with the computer? We are concious that some students might not be interested in this topic.
Another features that we could define was the use of a plataform. This plataform might be a blog whose goal will be to give students the instructions and pages where they kind practice. In that plataform we are going to set the program which we choose so students can access easyly. Also, we are concious that we need at least four weeks in the school so that we can notice the effects that these tools have in children.
We believe that this discussion was really useful because we can share our ideas with our partner. He gave us feedback about some features about our research. This kind of disccusion because we can found other ideas in our classmates. Sometimes we forget about some points and it is good to listen others ideas.

viernes, 24 de octubre de 2014